Advertisement Sales Pro

Bingo Lingo LLC


Excellent opportunity for a disciplined independent worker that would like to work from home or a remote location. A candidate should have some sales experience although we can train and guide those that have a good phone personality and are able to handle cold calls and rejection. 

The ideal candidate will have sold comfortably through cold phone calls, worked in a fund-raising selling environment and any advertising sales experience would be helpful.

While the company is headquartered in Walnut California the position can be anywhere U.S.A.  Those in Southern California will have a demographic advantage, yet, all applicants will be considered.

This position can be part time or full time. The company hours are typically 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. Any number of hours from 4 hours per day to 8 hours per day, 5 days per week would be preferable to create a prescription for success.  However, a 3 day a week schedule will be considered.  One must be consistent with hours worked weekly and on a regular schedule to succeed.

We are a publishing company selling advertisement space to merchants in Southern California over the phone.  These ads are printed into bingo programs and donated to these charity events.  We also donate money twice per year to each charity we support. 

These charities are primarily bingo events for Schools, Churches, Community and Senior Centers, plus clubs, like the Elks Lodge and American Legion Post. The bingo events are non-profit fund raisers and money is donated to assist; Handicapped Children, Veterans/Wounded Warriors, Drug Awareness, Scouts and programs for Seniors.

The sales team selling advertising space encourages advertisers to offers viewers discounts and other promotions in order to drive business to them.

The ads are priced from $295 small size to $1095 banner our largest size, with the average sale at $400 for a six-month ad.  We recently introduced three-month pricing at reduced rates. Ads are sold to local merchants close to the bingo charity event over the phone. 

There is outside "Master Closer" field support to assist closing new ads and supporting the phone sales team.  Many advertisers renew every six-months and create a residual stream of income for the sales pro that originated the relationship.

Earnings are commission driven; one is paid based on what they sell.  Commissions range from 25% to 30% of ad cost, for new ads sold.  There are monthly special bonus plans from time to time.  An annual bonus based on reaching target goals.  Sales Pros are paid twice per month.

For a full time, employee minimal earning targets would be 2 ads sold per day for $1000 per week and $48,000 annually. There is no reason a top full-time sales pro motivated by success cannot target and bring in 4 new ads per day and earn upward of $100,000 annually.  You control your income and future.

Future; the company will train top Sales Pros working full time to develop a sales team and earn over-rides on all sales created by the team.  This can develop into a subsidiary marketing division with expansion outside the state of California. ( We are upgrading our website during the next ninety days to include all advertisers.


This is a 20-year business under new management, with a major emphasis on growth, expansion and modernization utilizing website technology to enhance advertisement viewing. For those individuals that are looking for a future, the opportunities with Bingo Lingo are expected to be vast over the next five years.