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Big Bear Senior Center

Sponsored by Friends of the Big Bear Alpine Zoo

Sponsor Spotlight

Be Fulfilled Therapy Solutions

Through interview and collaboration, Be Fulfilled Therapy Solutions' primary purpose is to assist people to fulfill their own dreams, and to age in place safely. If your dream is to continue to live in and enjoy your home, now and well into your later life, then we will help you fulfill that dream.

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Big Bear Alpine Zoo Spotlight

A forest fire engulfs the San Bernardino National Forest. In the aftermath, several injured animals were found that required care. A makeshift hospital/rehabilitation area called the Wildlife Habitat was set up on land where the zoo currently resides. Loris Cady, developer of Moonridge Mountain Estates, Inc., built the first two cages. The new facility was overseen by the workers at the local ski area. At the time, the area was open forest which allowed the animals to heal in their natural environment. An orphaned 30-pound baby black bear and two bobcats were the first residents of the future Zoo.

Moonridge Mountain Estates, Inc. sends a letter to the Park District offering to keep up the “animal deal” in the Moonridge District during its early stages. They offered to cooperate in every way to keep expenses down to a minimum and were willing to feed and take care of the animals. They only expected the Park Board to reimburse the cost of food. Water would be supplied by the water company for $3.50 per month (when available). The letter suggested some sort of insurance be looked into when the park was opened. The Park District Board allocates $5,000 for the development of the new zoo but decided to hold off until a maintenance cooperative agreement is reached with Moonridge Mountain Estates.


42651 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315


Phone: (909) 584-0323


Bingo: Thursdays

 12:00PM to 4:00PM

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