President - CEO

Email: paul@bingolingo.org

Direct: +1 (949) 795-1633

Paul brings over 30 years of experience in Sales and Management. He and his wife Elaine purchased Bingo Lingo LLC in early 2019.  Paul's vision for Bingo Lingo LLC is to expand the company brand, bringing new ideas, sponsor discounts, venue directories,website enhancements, contests and prizes to those that visit the website, in order to provide a more complete networking opportunity.  Paul believes in "target" marketing and matching sponsors with an audience that would use their services.  Paul post pandemic believes, "Together, Bringing America Back To Greatness."  In addition to running Bingo Lingo LLC day to day, Paul is the President and CEO of Supreme Consultants, (SC) which is headquartered in Southern California. The business provides loan consulting advice, practice sale and practice purchase advisory services and practice coaching services to its clientele. Supreme professionals will validate practice price assessments and value based on a financial analysis and offer practice value advice using the same principles.



Partner - Accounting

Email: elaine@bingolingo.org

Direct: +1 (949) 678-4624

Elaine was born on the Island of Jamaica and moved to England in her teens. She moved to California in 1976 from Britain and settled in Orange County. She has a background as a purchasing manager working 20 years in that capacity. Elaine owns, manages and is the choreographer for a Caribbean Revue that travels throughout California entertaining at schools, corporate events, hotels, movie studios, weddings, graduations and private gatherings. She and Paul have been married for 35 years and have a lovely daughter, Candice. 

Elaine’s capacity at Bingo Lingo LLC is to oversee, Human Resources and Accounting. She is a people person and has an excellent ability to connect with people. 

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Kara Vo

Marketing and Executive Management Director

Email: kara@bingolingo.org

Direct: ‪+1 (909) 245-0399

Kara provides leadership, management, and administrative direction for comprehensive marketing and communications services. This position serves as a senior advisor to the President for issues related to marketing and communications and supports collaborating with the President, Sales Development Management Team, and Sponsors to effectively establish our mission and goals. While also initiating and developing relationships with community members and community organizations to promote Bingo Lingo and its programs. Kara is responsible for the overall direction, coordination, and evaluation of the following areas: Marketing, Web Development, Social Media, Creative Services, and Administrative Direction. 


Our Sponsor Development Team is made up of qualified pros who work closely with our Bingo Lingo Sponsors to ensure creative visibility both in print and online. We are proud to support our Sponsor Development Team with our art department and publishing in order to provide sponsors maximum branding and exposure on a local, regional and national level.

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Sponsor Sales Advisor

Email: nigel@bingolingo.org

Direct: +1 (909) 373-7903

Nigel is responsible for making high-level decisions regarding our products and meeting the needs of our Sponsors. Some duties and responsibilities include reviewing existing accounts, obtaining orders, and establishing new accounts by determining the effectiveness of different styles and strategies.