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Letter From Our CEO

Bingo Lingo adds fighting the Coronavirus to the many charities we support. We want to give back with the help of our many loyal Sponsors to do our part in helping the World in solving this health issue. 

Direct Relief is a forum, a National Charity ( that we will be donating to through the next thirty days to join and fight the Coronavirus Pandemic. For the first $10 over the normal Sponsor advertisement donation, Bingo Lingo will donate those monies you, the Sponsor pays, plus $5 from Bingo Lingo, for a total of $15 toward fighting the Coronavirus. If you would like to donate more than $10, every dollar you donate over the normal advertisement donation will go 100% to the Direct Relief Charity Fund to help fight this virus.

Although many of the Bingo Events have been postponed, the charities they support rely on donations we make, from you, the loyal Sponsors. Those needs do not stop during a crisis like this. 

We not only support the needs of schools and churches, but other worthy causes we sponsor are wounded warriors and veterans, disabled and handicapped folks, drug awareness, community and senior centers and scholarships. 

WE NEED YOUR HELP TO CONTINUE OUR CHARITABLE CHARGE. A World crisis we all face currently does not change the everyday needs of those less fortunate. 

Please join us as we prove what makes this Country of Ours Special, it’s people that care about other people in their time of need.

We will post every two weeks on our website the running total of donations to Direct Relief. We will revisit the need to continue this cause after thirty days.

Thank You, Paul Appel