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Sponsor Spotlight: Chef's Coffee Shop

Celebrating 40 Years of Culinary Excellence

For four decades ago a school teacher decided it was time for a career change and pursued his interests in cooking and baking, went to culinary school and founded Chef's Coffee Shop.

Crafted with Care: The Chef's Difference

Chef's unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity is one of their core values - drawing on a heritage of good food made from scratch. From delectable desserts to tantalizing salad dressings, and hearty soups and sauces, each dish at Chef's is prepared with the finest ingredients and commitment to excellence.

A Family Affair

Chef's Coffee Shop remains a family-run operation to this day. With involvement from the current owner's mother, spouse, and children, the essence of family permeates every aspect of the business. This personal touch creates a welcoming atmosphere that keeps patrons coming back time and time again.

Connect with Chef's Coffee Shop

For those eager to experience the culinary delights of Chef's Coffee Shop or have questions about their offerings, reaching out is easy. Simply shoot them an email at Additionally, stay connected and up to date with Chef's Coffee Shop by following them on Facebook and Instagram under the handle @ChefsCoffeeShop.

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