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The Advertising Poem

Why is it? A man wakes up after sleeping under an advertised blanket, on an advertised mattress, pulls off advertised pajamas, bathes in an advertised shower, shaves with an advertised razor, brushes his teeth with advertised toothpaste, washes with advertised soap, puts on advertised clothes, drinks a cup of advertised coffee, drives to work in an advertised car, and then, refuses to advertise, believing it doesn’t pay. Later when business is poor, he advertises it for sale. Why is it?

Here are some benefits of Advertising in One of our Bingo Programs:

• Ads are seen every week for 6 months
• Cost effective print advertising
• Captive audience for 4-5 Hours each week.
• Incentives are given to players that use your business.
• By placing an ad it benefits YOUR community.

We Make A Difference One Ad at a Time!

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